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Ensuring growth and continuous returns through diversified holdings, assets classes & investments

Global Funds via MV Capital Investments Group®️

Seasoned, passive and even new investors alike continuously enjoy stable and non-volatile returns by investing in multiple markets, industries and businesses through "Global Funds" of the MV Capital Investments Group®️ [ MVCI ].  It has been proven time and again that the most stable strategy to ensure returns on investments is by diversifying investment portfolios across industries, asset classes and geographical boundaries. To safeguard returns on investments, infusion of capitalization is done by means of a Limited Partnership Arrangement. Global funds administered and managed by MVCI primarily invest in companies across countries with proven positive cash-flow generating track records of at least three years. In addition, an inconsequential sum of some of our funds are, at times, allocated for investments in publicly traded high-return asset classes and with the top publicly traded corporations in the S&P 500, especially those with historical data of periodical dividend payouts. As the name refers, the fund is global in its approach that aims to diversify holdings in different parts of the world, including the countries of its Limited Partners.

Capitalizing on Global Funds is considered by expert financial advisors and wealth managers to be a smart move since they give diverse opportunities to domestic capitalists in international markets. Though infusion of capital is done locally, where the source/s of funds are actually held and located through domestic Holding & Management Corporations (HMCs), Asset Management Corporations (AMCs), Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations (SPACs) and/or Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), as the case may be, capital infused into domestic or local firms are internationally consolidated and then diversified into the chosen Global Fund of the Limited Partner, thereby giving higher valued returns from some of the biggest companies around the world. It should be well noted that one of the most important benefits of opting into a Global Fund of MVCI is that your capital is not concentrated in one country, it is diversified across various markets to earn and benefit as well from  other international asset classes.

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