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How to Inspect Your Business

Inspect your business regularly to know how your business is doing and if you're really moving forward


Do you know how your business is doing? Are you consistently offering enough to your customers? Are you making enough sales? Do you have the right people? What's your reputation in the market / industry?

Every aspect of your business plays a crucial role in its success. In this video, Patrick Bet-David underscores the importance of monitoring and inspecting your business. Here, Bet-David enumerates the following facets of your business that you need to inspect:

  1. Team - 2:47

  2. Sales Flow - 4:25

  3. Systems and Procedures - 5:23

  4. Partners - 6:55

  5. Customer Service - 8:22

  6. Brand - 9:57

  7. Skills - 11:08

  8. Expansion - 14:27

  9. Culture - 16:40

  10. Compliance - 18:42

  11. Vendors - 19:58

  12. Competition - 21:41

To learn more on how to monitor your business, click play on the video above.


This article originally appeared on Minor edits have been done by the editors of DC Multinational Megacorp, Inc.


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